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We’re going to be looking for office help soon! After the holidays we will be looking to begin training a new hire (part time, 1-2 days/week) for a full-time, summer position. Duties will include basic administrative tasks (answering phones; taking accurate messages; using Word, QuickBooks, Excel and various computer programs; filing, photocopies, etc.) as well as assisting with vacation rental check-ins/check-outs. 

Ideal candidate is friendly, honest, responsible and has a positive attitude. Should be able to work well independently and as a team. Car and valid driver’s license are required, as we may send you out to unlock a door, deliver a coffeemaker, inspect a cleaning job, etc. 

For more information, email or 

Thank you!

Short Sales and Foreclosures

Most likely we’ve all heard the terms “Short Sale” and “Foreclosure” but few people really understand what the two terms mean and how they differ.

Short Sale: A Short Sale is when the sale price is below the debt owed to the bank and the property owner cannot afford to repay the lien in full, and the lien-holder agrees to release the lien and accept less than the full amount of the debt. The unpaid balance difference is called a deficiency. Often a short sale releases the seller from their obligation to repay the deficiency, but sometimes it does not. A short sale is an alternative to avoiding foreclosure. 

Foreclosure: A Foreclosure is the legal process of a lender forcing the sale of a home in an attempt to recover a loan balance from a borrower who has stopped making their mortgage payments. With a foreclosure, the unpaid balance - the deficiency - does not go away and the homeowner is liable for the difference between the price it was sold for and the remaining loan amount. The IRS ironically counts the difference in sales price as a “gain” when it comes time to file taxes, adding even more to the cost of a foreclosure.

Short sales are very common and affect millions of people across the country.

Short sales are not viewed negatively like foreclosures. 

Foreclosures can stay on your credit for 5-7 years, and can have serious consequences when trying to obtain a loan in the future. After a short sale, you may be able to purchase a property in as little as a year and a half. A short sale could also go on your credit as charged off in full. 

The financial consequences of a foreclosure can extend well after the fact. IRS and deficiency judgments can arise, going as far as wage garnishment. On the other hand, most short sales mitigate this. 

Banks are willing now - more than ever - to participate in short sales. 

Most often times, short sales do not cost the homeowner any money, and on many occasions it saves the homeowner money.

A short sale can put money in the Seller’s hand, $3000-$6000, to help with relocation costs.

If there is financial hardship involved, almost anyone can qualify. Short sales can alleviate a huge financial burden.

The media portrays short sales to be difficult and cumbersome, but this is not an accurate portrayal when handled by a professional.

A short sale can be an excellent way to avoid foreclosure, especially when you are working with a Realtor with short sale experience. 

Call me - 410.250.4433 - I am a short sale specialist!

Does everyone really understand that if you are thinking about buying a house or condo or 2nd home/investment property… It’s time to Stop thinking and just do it! Never before…. Ever… Did we have all 3 factors to our benefit… The interest rates are at an all time low, the inventory is at an all time high, and the sellers are extremely motivated to sell… What a huge combination… It’s time to buy your dream. Just do it!

Meet your Neighbor in Bethany Bay

Why did you relocate to the area?

I moved here from Northern Virginia because I wanted a change of pace from the constant traffic, stress, crime, pollution and noise. I wanted fresh, salt air and a safe place to ride my bike. I was tired of planning my day around rush hour and fighting for a parking space. I love that the off season is so calm and quiet, yet I still get a taste of the bustling city life in the summer… it’s just long enough.

Why Bethany Bay?

I found my condo in Bethany Bay with the help of Sea Grace at North Beach, Realtors. As soon as the property was available, Grace told me I had to see it. She was right, it was love at first sight!

Bethany Bay is perfect for me… the community has a pool, fitness center, golf, boat launch and kayak stand, and a recycling center! There’s even a bike rack. I couldn’t ask for better neighbors, either. Everyone is so friendly!

My favorite thing about my home is the bayfront view. When the weather is nice I can drink my coffee on the porch, watch the sun rise and listen to the birds. When it’s cold, I can just turn on my no-mess electric fireplace and sit on the couch and watch the moon twinkle on the bay. I love to watch storms roll in over the water from my safe, dry living room. It’s incredible, I’ve lived here for over a year and every day I wake up and think about how lucky I am to live here!

What do you like most about the area?

There is so much I love about living here! I love the easy access to water sports, especially kayaking. There are lots of parks to explore and lots of history to discover. I love taking a day trip to Lewes to see the Zwaanendale Museam or spending an afternoon in Berlin poking through the antique stores.

What surprises did you find after moving here?

The Bethany Beach Farmer’s Market from early spring to autumn. You can find the best cheese, organic garlic, fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s great to talk to the farmers and see where my food came from. There are a lot of restaurants that have the Farm/Sea-to-Table philosophy. Good Earth Market is also amazing. I’m also surprised that I never have to get stressed out trying to park in front of my house, even if it’s Memorial Day weekend. July 4th I had a percect view of the fireworks from the porch.

Welcome to our new blog!

We are putting this blog together to give you an idea of what the Eastern Shore and the MD and DE beaches have to offer their residents. We hope to give you a feel for the different towns, neighborhoods and cities in our area, as well as to share with you what your future neighbors love about the area. Whether you are looking to relocate, invest or simply visit for a week, we hope our local insights assist you with your plans.

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